Primal Warrior II Yoga Flow

Primal Warrior Yoga Flow with Liz Arch | Temple Turmeric

Primal Warrior Yoga Flow with Liz Arch | Temple Turmeric

Primal Warrior Yoga Flow with Liz Arch | Temple Turmeric

Primal Yoga is a dynamic yoga and martial arts fusion style that merges Vinyasa yoga with the artistry of Kung Fu and the grace of Tai Chi into an athletic, heat-building flow, while focusing on alignment, balance, strength, power, and flexibility.

This flow, Primal Warrior II, is energizing, empowering and brings out the strength inside you that no one can diminish.

Flow along with the video or allow the infographic to guide you.

Primal Warrior Yoga Flow Infographic with Liz Arch | Temple Turmeric

And here are some tips to find more body awareness as you move.

  1. Begin in downward facing dog. 

  2. Inhale your right leg up to the sky.

  3. On an exhalation, roll your knee towards your nose, round the upper back as the core contracts and gently step your foot between your hands.

  4. Spin your back foot flat and root down through the outer edge of the foot.

  5. Line your front heel up with the arch of your back foot.  

  6. On your next inhalation, circle up into Warrior II. Make sure your knee is stacked over your ankle bone.

  7. On an exhalation, pivot your front foot in so feet are parallel and shift your weight into your back leg to come into a high drop stance. Make sure the knees are always pointing in the same direction as the toes.

  8. Your left arm blocks overhead and your right arm blocks down over the right leg.  

  9. Inhale through center.

  10. Exhale double block to the opposite side.

  11. Repeat for one last round of blocks.

  12. Inhale your right foot forward toward the top of your mat and spear your right arm forward for Spearing Warrior.

  13. Continue the inhalation into Reverse Warrior.

  14. Exhale circle your hands to the floor.

  15. Step back to plank, shift forward to lower into chaturanga.

  16. On an inhalation, lift the chest to rise into upward facing dog (neck is long, crown of the head reaches toward the sky with shoulders away from the ears).

  17. Exhale back into downward facing dog. 

  18. Repeat on your alternate side for balance within.



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