Spinal Twist to Aid Digestion

Spinal Twist to Aid Digestion

A craving for warmth during chilly fall and winter days may manifest itself as overindulgence. Especially with the holidays coming and going so quickly, it becomes easy to have just one too many servings of roasted root vegetables or one more sliver of rich pumpkin pie.

You are doing your best in every moment. Embrace that sometimes what we need is to feel that warmth. And if in the next moment you feel too full, consider if a reclined twist may be right to help inspire digestion.

yoga for digestion

1. Lie flat on your back with your palms at your sides, facing toward the sky
2. Bring your knees toward your chest with a warm embrace
3. Inhale, filling your lungs and feeling the movement as your rib cage expands
4. As you exhale, with your left arm guide your bent right knee to the left toward the floor while extending your left leg away from your head
5. Turn your upper body in the opposite direction toward the right, extending your right arm to the right
6. Breathe into this pose for five to 10 breaths, feeling each subtle adjustment and noticing the emotion that arises in these moments
7. When you feel ready on an inhale, return your hands and knees to your center
8. Repeat on the other side

Once you have completed the pose, continue to notice your breath as you reignite your day.

What helps you if you’ve overindulged?

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