Turmeric for Sports Recovery


The Organic Choice for a New Generation

At Temple Turmeric we have experienced first hand how powerful organic turmeric can be when it comes to sports recovery. We have seen our bodies change, our yoga practice expand, and pain simply melt away. What makes us feel even better than a pain free upper back is knowing that our organic whole root turmeric is helping others reach their goals. This story comes from Matthew, a personal trainer in Arizona who reflected on his journey to the finish line. Matthew is part of a new generation of athletes who demand more from their nutrition, who CARE about what they put in their bodies and where it comes from and who are crushing plateaus and making their dreams happen everyday, fueled by #templeturmeric. 

How Turmeric Helped Me Run a Marathon

I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for almost 19 years.  So for me to find a real healthy natural solution for inflammation and recovery was like a dream come true.  For all the athletes that train hard and need the recovery I had to share my awesome Temple Turmeric story.
About 1 month ago while I was training for the AZ PF Changs Marathon I injured my right calf and developed plantar fasciitis on that foot as well.  I had to stop my training and work on recovery by foam rolling,  icing it every night,  and talking a crap load of Ibuprofen which was effecting my stomach majorly.   I entered the Marathon on friday being injured and told myself,”If my calf and foot are still jacked up race day, which was Sunday, I would just not enter it.”  This race was so important to me, because I wanted to start 2014 off big with a Bucket List item…run a Marathon and as the weekend progressed I saw this Bucket List Item slipping away.
My good friend Mike Brown on the Wednesday before the Marathon told me to try this new kick ass product the Turmeric – Elixir of Life drink.  He said it stopped his muscle soreness entirely after running 14 miles the week before.  He just so happened to be riding around with the CEO of the company for business, so the CEO was sitting right next to him in the car.  It was awesome, Mike told the CEO about my foot and calf and the CEO immediately sent me some samples…it was my lucky day! The samples amazingly arrived at my house on Friday, so I immediately pounded 4 of them down in the morning and within 6 hours the swelling and pain started to subside.  Saturday rolled around and I pounded four more of them…my calf and foot were almost 70% healed.   I started getting hope again and realized I am going to be able to run the Marathon.  It wasn’t going to be blazing fast but now I can finish it and cross it off my Bucket List!  Sunday Morning rolled around and my calf was literally feeling 90% healed.  I pounded 2 more juices for good measure and was off to run my first Marathon!
I finished the Marathon and was able to start my year off on the right foot for once…no pun intended:)   I can’t thank  Mike Brown,  your company and product, and the CEO enough for helping me accomplish such an awesome experience.  I now literally stop at Whole Foods everyday to drink my Temple Turmeric after all my runs.  And I also recommend it to all my clients.
Thank you Matthew! Let’s all applaud Matt and yourselves as well. Share your stories with in the comments below, email us, or share on social media @templeturmeric

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